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August 24, 2006



Hilarious. The head-bobbing, the holding the handset up to the speaker, the blow-dryer, the signatures, the from-below shot... all great.


Not a music video, but a music visualization. Fascinating. I'll add it above someday ...



10 minutes of John "Ox" Entwhistle on the bass:


It's the "OxCam" -- the camera stays on him, and all you hear is his bass as they roar through "Won't Get Fooled Again".

Chris C.

Collection of live performances on the BBC's "Old Grey Whistle Test" from Metafilter:

Chris C.

Thin Lizzy -- Whiskey In The Jar

1973, ridiculous lipsyncing to album version:

1980, live with great crowd participation, no video though:

Chris C.

The Sonics - Psycho a Go-Go:

(it seems like I hear this song every week on The New Forces Radio Hour, and that's fine by me)

Chris C.

The OxCam video got deleted. It popped up again here:


Chris C.

Various forms of debauchery featuring the Rolling Stones:


Chris C.

Gang Of Four's "Not Great Men" performed by a gamelan ensemble:


Chris C.

The MC5 performing for 25 fantastic minutes in a German TV studio in 1972. Everything is spot-on here, including the video and sound quality and the band's performance. Incredible!

Where would rock history be without German television?


Chris C.

The Melvins performing an entire show in San Francisco in 1992. Two good cameras and good sound. This would have been at (what I consider) their peak, when I was so enamored with them I fabricated a Melvins bumper sticker for my car. I need to do a whole write-up about them ...


Chris C.

Black Sabbath, live in Paris, 1970:


Tracklist, time markers, discussion and more links:


Chris C.

Nina Simone. Gotta play this one on the Sunday Special radio show that I will do someday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWmCbEbMmeU

Chris C.

Christmas, a late 80's trio from Boston, deliver one of the best music videos ever. Brilliant! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_xq8HsHDdA

Chris C.

An incredible lesson in funk drumming history and technique by Yogi Horton:


I had to take a break at the 37m30s point, because when he showed how 50 Ways and the NOLA shoeshine beat were basically the same thing, my head exploded.

Here's an article about the genesis of this video, and Yogi himself, may he rest in peace.


Chris C.

While organizing some old computer files, I came across a two-minute muisc compilation I made in 2002. It takes the first few seconds of about two dozen songs, mostly guitar-only openings to early 1990s punk rock hits, and strings them together. It was the backing track to a promo I was making for an "alumni weekend" at WREK that I was coordinating, getting WREK alumni into the old studio one last time before the station moved out to a new location.

My god, it is the best thing ever. Every one of those song openers makes me instantly so happy. I can't upload or link to the compilation here, but it's on my computer ("WREK guitar promo"). At my funeral, just play every one of those songs; Allan Ross and Jon Kincaid should be able to identify them :)

Side note: it wasn't really a hit, but I maintain that Jawbox's song "Cut Off" is the best album-opening song ever, on one of the best albums ever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlCnjSvvoyw

Chris C.

Small Faces performing "Whatcha Gonna Do About It" in 1966 on ... the BBC? German TV? Don't know.


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