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September 22, 2009



[Edit by Chris: this was posted after we'd gotten the news of Thomas being missing but before we knew he was gone. I've since reworked the above post.]

I remember meeting Thomas at WREK in the late 90's. He seemed like a great guy; hope he turns up in good shape.


This is seriously bad news. The world is a measurably worse place now.

David Naugle

I have a copy of his bright lights cassette I will digitize and post if you want.

ashley raiteri

Dave, I have lost my Bright Lights cassette, if you would not mind digitizing that would be awesome.

One Blog about the trail had this ominous warning. But I know Thomas was a veteran hiker and I doubt this was anything other than bad luck.

"The Ranger’s log warned matter-of-factly: "Lava Falls Route is not for the faint of heart. Be fully prepared for self-rescue."

Chris, the facebook group is public and open, so you only need a facebook id in order to write on it.

I was hoping someone could dig up some old audio, the man was a Giant, and I am sure he made as big an impression on everyone as he did me.

Chris C.

Thanks Ashley.

My contribution to all this is that I'm working on gathering audio snippets of Thomas on WREK. I'll post a note on the Facebook wall thing (via my girlfriend's account) about this.

And I have a copy of that Bright Lights comp too, will have to dig it up. But I don't have the ability to digitize cassettes, so David I may call on you for that.

Chuck Buck

News of Thomas’ death, as if arriving by Pony Express, reached me today in Southern California, darkening my horizon — a somber solar eclipse over the Pacific. I am enthralled, however, to read these heartfelt posts from those whose connection to Thomas was through music. Mine was through his copywriting, rather his writing of copy — his extraordinary capacity to take complex subjects of a technical nature and synthesize them into bite-size digestible ideas. Thomas was a gifted writer and, refreshingly, he was so very accessible. His Christmas presents were relevant and unique and I will miss his imaginative approach to gift giving. I will miss the unassailable logic he brought to the writing assignments that I would commission. I will miss his clearly written sentences and convincing arguments he artfully crafted in his choice of words, structure of sentences and ordering of paragraphs. I will miss the squeaking of his rocking chair as we spoke long distance. I will the warmth and sincerity in his voice, “Hello, this is Thomas…”

Chris C.

Thank you Chuck for your remembrance.

Chris C.

I just remembered -- WREK's theme of "Quality Diverse Radio" was created by Thomas. Back in the day, we had all read Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance and its thorough dissertation in what exactly "quality" meant. Thomas took that to heart and applied it to WREK. 20 years later and it still works.

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